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CBS & DTS 4+1 Program

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Earn a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in only FIVE years with the CBS/DTS 4+1 program

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Get your Master’s faster with CBS and DTS!

4+1 = Two Degrees! Earn a Bachelor’s degree at the College of Biblical Studies and a Master of Arts (Christian Studies) at Dallas Theological Seminary in just five years.  This new 4+1 program is convenient and cost-effective: 

  • Courses can be taken online or on campus, giving you greater flexibility to earn two degrees in less time
  • Dallas Theological Seminary’s Houston extension is located on the CBS campus
  • Reduced semesters = reduced tuition
  • Less time earning your degrees means more time in ministry!

The 4+1 Program allows students to earn a four-year Bachelor’s of Science degree (Biblical Studies with Pre-seminary minor) and a two-year seminary degree in just five years. For the undergraduate degree, students take 103 credit hours at CBS Houston and 24 hours of dual credit through Dallas Theological Seminary’s Houston campus or online program. After the undergraduate degree is awarded students only need 25 more hours at Dallas Theological Seminary to earn a Master of Arts (Christian Studies) degree!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Apply to the MA (Christian Studies) at DTS before you enter the final year of your bachelor’s at CBS
  2. Receive Advanced Standing for courses completed at CBS (15 hours; see Course Equivalencies).
  3. Take Dual Credit classes at DTS during your final year at CBS (24 hours)
  4. Complete your remaining MA(CS) courses (25 hours).

Course Location


CBS undergrad courses*

15 hours of which can be applied to DTS MA(CS); must earn a “B” or better to fulfill DTS Advanced Standing requirements

103 hours

DTS Houston dual credit classes:

Must earn a “C” or better to fulfill CBS requirements

24 hours 

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DTS master’s classes:

Taken after completion of four-year CBS degree

25 hours

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152 hours

*Students must apply to the MA(CS) program within one year of completing their CBS degree in order to qualify for the 15 hours of Advanced Standing.

Recent CBS graduate? You may be eligible to receive Advanced Standing toward your Master of Arts (Christian Studies) at Dallas Theological Seminary! Please contact an admissions advisor at DTS for details.

CBS-DTS Course Equivalencies:

CBS Course

DTS Course

MSMN1301 Bible Study Methods*
or BIBL 3301 Advanced Biblical Hermeneutics*

BE101 Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics (3)

BIBL1311 Pentateuch*                                

or BIBL 3311 Special Issues in OT Historical Literature*

BE102 OT History I (3)

BIBL1323 General Epistles & Revelation*

or BIBL 3323 Special Issues in NT General Epistolary Literature & Revelation*

BE107 Hebrews, Generals Epistles, and Revelation (3)

THEO1313 Man, Sin, and Salvation*

ST103 Angelology, Anthropology, and Hamartiology (3)

THEO1314 Angels, Church, & Prophecy*

ST105 Sanctification and Ecclesiology (3)

* Must earn a “B” or better

Hours: 15

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